Music can be so much fun, but sometimes learning it could almost seem like drudgery. But I just started teaching piano via the Simply Music method which is about as "painless" as piano lessons get. And better yet, it's an extremely accelerated program as well. I highly recommend this method if there's a teacher in your area. You can check out Simply Music website, or if you are in Albuquerque you can check out my website.

But while you are visiting, here's a list of resources which I've used and liked for music education in no particular order.
  • KinderBach DVD's
  • Music Ace Software
And of course there are recordings that my kids really enjoy and I believe helps them with appreciation of different types of music.
  • Classical Kids Series
  • Beethoven's Wig Series
  • Philadelphia Chickens, Rhinoceros Tap, and Blue Moo by Sandra Boynton

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