Have fun with this addition lapbook.

And you can also print out your own addition flash cards and multiplication flash cards along with some ideas for using them.

As much as I don't believe in the value of skip counting in becoming fluent with multiplication, I think the One-hundred Sheep CD is absolutly the way to go if you want your kids to learn it easily.

If you are looking for ways to learn the upper multiplication table, check out Times Tale.

Simple Introduction to Algebra

Here's an introduction to Algebra that even your first grader should be able to do. My oldest was first introduced to this method through a friend's friend who researched into how the Arabics used to teach the concept of Algebra using rocks in the sand. Unfortunately I'm not sure if this page's working 100%. But until there's interest or when I get time it's offered as is. Also when I get time, I'll try to put a quick tutorial up, but that's probably item 503 on my to do list (but it would get bumped up if there's interest). As for now: you may enter values for a, b, c (x must be whole number--no error checking here) or just choose a random problem. Use show me to see how the problems are solved.

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