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Mandarin pancakes

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I remember making these as a kid but have not done this for a LONG time, but just made the tonight and they turned out just fine.
These are wrappers for mushu pork or peking duck

mix and kneed until smooth:
2 c flour
1 c boiling water

Let it sit for 1/2 hour
Divide into 16 pieces (must be even number)
Press into flat circles
Brush the top of one circle with some vegetable oil and place another circle on top, then roll them out thin.
Place the rolled out circles on heavy pan over medium heat
Cook until the middle begins to show air pocket(s)
Turn and cook about the same amount of time
Be careful and peel the two thin sheets apart there maybe hot air inside.
Place the separated pancakes on a dish and over with damp cloth as you prepare the rest.

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