At the beginning of the school year, I was freaking out. Symphonic band sounded amazing, and I didn't feel ready to join their ranks. Omnibus loomed in the near future, casting a menacing shadow on highschool. Then, there was Biology. Cutting things up... Still does NOT appeal to me.

Since then, I have found that Omnibus is just an online classroom, where you get called on by the teacher if you don't talk much. (Well, there's more than that, but that's what happens to me) You learn a lot, and have a ton of homework.

Symphonic band? They're just human. Nothing too scary. Other than the music. I mean, it looks/sounds scary-it's not.

Biology? NASTY. But not completely unbearable. ..not like it was going to be, of course.

Yes, the people in Symphonic band are very real. I'm sure. They sound amazing, but they complain about stuff that they have trouble with, like regular people. We all had problems with 'The Maelstrom'. (It's an amazing song though. Go look it up and listen to it.)

Omnibus can be, and still is, hard. But it's also quite interesting too. I mean, I really, truly, am learning.

In terms of Biology... let's just say I'm not looking forward to dissecting things. Other than that, it should be pretty interesting.

My schedule is still tight, but, as I said to someone in an email nearly a month ago, I feel as if this year is going to be THE BEST year of my life. Totally.

There are so many things I'm going to l♥ve doing this year, and some that I won't like as much. But, most likely as not, this will be one of the best years of my life. I'm excited.

It's funny. There are now two posts in a row titled-you guessed it-Changes! And they're from the opposite point of view. :)) I don't mind if you laugh, by the way. :P


I, personally, do not like changes. Especially ones that change my lifestyle. Those are the hardest for me to deal with, and I try to fight. Well, that doesn't work for highschool. 88| Yeah, yeah, I know, funny. Not from my point of view. I'm trying to make at least ten changes to my lifestyle. That means a new schedule, a new way of doing things, a new way of.. well... living. :/ I have mixed feelings about it.



Okay, as homeschoolers, we may not get an actual 'summer break', but we at least get a slight break.(This is for my family anyway.)
[Disclaimer-I am NOT, repeat, NOT speaking for all homeschoolers on the planet. This is just for MY family.]
As I was saying, we only get a slight break. Which means I can blog a bit more, listen to music ON THE COMPUTER, yell at YouTube(in my head of course...), and, in general, prepare for highschool. :P Okay, maybe not yell at the computer ALL that much. More like, yell at our internet connection.*has wanted to do things to the connection that are... unmentionable*
Moving on...
I need to finish my science for the year and then I'll be done and ready to move on to Biology. My Algebra 2 textbook has already been broken into and I've started working on Omnibus 2. Did I mention that I'm not looking forward to highschool?
Have I mentioned that I made auditions into Symphonic band? Or that I'd like to start piccolo? Or that I started clarinet?
Probably not.
Anyway, so that's what's been going on recently. That and my Spring Concert.*ferocious glare*Don't ask.
Preparing for the Third Quarterly Exam in science. Took fairly good notes, I think I'm ready. :D Happiness.
Then there's the fact that in summer, we can go swimming(when there aren't any thunderstorms), eat popsicles(preferably without getting an ice cream headache), and in general, have fun.
Except for stuff that I've procrastinated about. Shame on me.
For VBS this year, a few friends and I are doing the missionary story. I need to write the script. And we need to go over it this friday. I haven't finished the script yet.
Shame on me.
Random thought: I miss band. :'( But I do get to go to jazz class/camp/whatever. That ought to be fun. And I get to see Mr. Bratcher a WHOLE WEEK EARLY. Then we're planning to go up to Creede sometime in August. And my best friend's mom really wants my mom and dad to go somewhere special for their 20th anniversary. Of course, it all depends on what the jury wants my dad to do and when he should show up...*sigh* We'll figure it out eventually...
I should probably shut up now...
*signing off*


Ookay. This blog is REALLY annoying... I can't do half the faces I want to.*glare**double glare**triple glare*rar.

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