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In response to: Hiking

BeeCheerful [Member]
@comment for Ham-Yeeah... :P
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In response to: busy weekend

Hi, i just found you site while looking for lapbooks. i really LOVE your Magic SchoolBus lapbooks. thanks so much for putting them up!
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In response to: what a weekend

Aslan [Member]
It's Playathon. One word.
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In response to: HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay--surprising!!

Kim d. [Visitor]
Neglected or not, your web site has lots of good stuff! I really love the MSB lap books on your science page. My kids love Magic School Bus so I think we will do one, or a few! Thanks!
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In response to: HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay--surprising!!

Thanks for sharing with HOmeschool Freebie of the Day. We are blessed to be introudced to your webstie and what it offers.
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In response to: HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay--surprising!!

YOUR LAPBOOKS ARE GREAT!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much you dont know what a blessing it was to get these!! THANK YOU!!
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In response to: poor Mark...

Mama Bear [Member]
We told others about this and it was remedied QUICKLY right after everyone left on Sunday. I think the place was "nuked" with insecticide. Apparently the over the counter stuff only lasts couple of months at best unlike the industrial strength stuff that companies are able to obtain. But as far as I know of, we are in the clear... for now.
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In response to: Addition flashcard review

Julie [Visitor]
Great idea!
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In response to: poor Mark...

Julie [Visitor]
Gross!!! Did they know there were roaches?
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In response to: Gideon and the Flea

Julie [Visitor]
I wish there were AHG in our area!
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In response to: ski and injury report

Michelle [Visitor] ·
So glad your son was okay! My boys are riding the lifts independently now and it does worry me a bit. Deep breaths, right?!
And -Just FYI- we snowboard and my boys have only gotten knocked down by skiers. Usually learning to ski or parents looking for their kids and not paying attention. Sometimes snowboarders get a bad rap :)
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In response to: Missing tooth

Aslan [Member]
Did any of us swallow one of our teeth?
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In response to: KY express

Joy Grace [Visitor]
They call us new kids. We call them the new kids. Ha ha.
By the way, the "new kids" were very nice.
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In response to: swim lessons

BeeCheerful [Member]
At least he didn't tuck his legs in today. Maybe you should always bring the duck.
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In response to: sick stomach

BeeCheerful [Member]
Thank you for leaving out the... ummm... "details"
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In response to: One big canvas

BeeCheerful [Member]
You gave Christopher the crayons?!? wow!
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In response to: Big six

BeeCheerful [Member]
I think he liked the cake a lot even though it wasn't Thomas blue.
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In response to: braces

BeeCheerful [Member]
Thanks a lot mommy!!!!!
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In response to: sandbox in the making

BeeCheerful [Member]
You forgot to tell us that on Monday!!!!
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In response to: skiing

Hali Cheng [Visitor]
When it says 6:20AM is that the time you wrote this? If so, I'm impressed at your early hour...alas--you won't find much from me at that hour.... Im enjoying your blogs.
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