Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Human anatomy memorization

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Okay, periodic table mostly down. The only part that I don't like in the memorization process is around iridium, so for now it's on the back burner. I offered a friend to teach his Chemistry students before or after his class but he turned it down :(. I was hoping to be able to run the kinks out and maybe record it and put it on YouTube. My guess is that it should take students with some basic familiarity with some of the elements about an hour or two total to memorize 112 elements, where they should be able to fill in the periodic table and their symbols--may need to take some time and some cues to recall all the elements. After the initial presentation, they'll need to review it maybe once or twice a day to get it into permanent memory (just a few minutes a day, the amount of time to just step through all the elements quickly). Oh well, their loss. Besides, one of my kiddos will be going through Chemistry next year so she'll be my guinea pig. Nice to have multiple kids and thus lots of guinea pigs.

So in the mean time I've been going through a course on (free, yea!) about learning how to learn and it's rather comforting to know that my approach to memorizing things really is in alignment with research on memory, but you know what, even if it's not, if it works, I'll take it.

So now my next big project is working slowly through human anatomy--something that I know very little about. I love homeschooling, I'm learning all the things that I didn't learn in school. It was really fun teaching my seven year old bones of the head and where they are. It took a total of less than fifteen minutes and that's with lots of review and explanation of why it was illegal to "vote more" for Vomer. The list of bones that we covered were Frontal (can you touch the front of your forehead to your toe?), Parietal (if you pat the top of my head, I will riot on your toe. Repeat the key words a few times with motion and emotion then that's two down in less than a minute), Occipital, Temporal, Sphenoid, Zygomatic, Maxilla, Mandible, Nasal, Ethmoid, Vomer, Inferior Nasal Concha, Lacrimal, Palatine, Hyoid. My little guy is pretty bright, but I really think that an average kid (or adult) who is willing to pay attention and interact would be able to learn this in about the same amount of time or less. I'm actually really excited about how much fun and easy it was to teach him. I think I've gotten through most of the easy parts (all the bones of the body, parts of the brain, cranial nerves, digestive system, ear, eye, heart, urinary system) and am slowly putting together the integumentary system (it's more of just sitting down and writing things out) and pulmonary system (scratching my head over what should go into it) I'm now scratching my head over memorizing the muscles of the body. I think I'll need to do the Pomodoro technique because I'm finding myself starting to procrastinate when just thinking about looking at the muscles. I think I more or less figured out a way that I want to present the expression muscles but I'll need to finalize it and write down the details and draw it out before I forget them.

Okay, I've procrastinated enough. Back to the drawing board...

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Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Periodic Table revisited

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WOO HOOO!! After a crazy year, I'm almost done with the periodic table memory aid. No, I wasn't working on it all year. I just recently got back to it. Things got kind of crazy for us but hopefully I've got my head back again. Anyway, I got started working on anatomy memorization stuff and got stuck with the muscles so decided to take a break and got back to the periodic table. Anyway, even if no one else gets it, at least I had fun memorizing the name and symbol of all the elements from Hydrogen to Copernicium. Tested myself by saying and filling in the periodic table. I'll admit that I probably still can't spell half of them right, but hey at least I can say them... I'll see if I can get an opportunity to teach them and get some feedback before posting my notes.

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Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Memorizing the Periodic Table Easily

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Some of the teens at church were talking about memorizing the periodic table couple Sundays ago. So after we got home I decided to see what I can do in the evening. I was having fun writing stories to help with memorization and drawing pictures to help memorize the symbols. It was fun and columns I-VIII and most of the transition metals were definitely easy to remember with the stories and the pictures that I think even without much review I've got most of it now and now mainly need to sort out the Lanthanide and the Actinide. Why was I not taught memorization skill when I was growing up? Or if these things were deemed so important to know, why couldn't the teachers handed out and taught it with memory aids?? Could have had much more time to either learn other things or just to have more fun... Grr...

I: The hydroelectric generator from the H shaped dam charged up the Lithium battery (with Li written on it) from which a kid poured out soda while saying "Na". The soda was poured onto a potato with a 'K' shaped knife stuck in it (how else would you spell a knife except with a K). Well the potato is no good to eat to it was tossed into the Rubbish basket labeled with the abbreviation 'Rb'. Well with a kid who poured soda on your potato, you'd certainly Cease (C as part of an incomplete not sign with an s in it) to be Friends (Fr F is a big friend holding the shoulder of the 'r' small friend, okay so my picture is more on paper right now so just use your imagination)

Anyway, they are just bunch of stories with associated pictures to help jog the memory and I figure if I can remember these than most other people can too without much work.

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Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Elements of Faith

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We just received a copy of Elements of Faith vol 1 that I ordered and started reading it during devotion time. I had a chance to thumb through it a little this afternoon and really liked what I read. There were so many interesting facts that I had problems putting it down, except I had other duties to attend to--sigh. I think the girls liked it too. Now even if we don't get around to "doing" science, I know they will be getting a regular dose of information concerning the elements of the periodic table during devotional time. I sure am glad for books like these that have interesting science, connection to scripture, and applications our our lives. My hat off to Richard Duncan, the author of the book. I'm already look forward to vol 2 whenever it may be coming out, if only for my own curiosity.

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