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Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

clean up day...

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Woke the boys up this morning and couldn't stand their mess any more so we spent the morning digging out and cleaning. I can see the light at the tunnel, or is it light on the floor :roll:. I think I need to get another bookshelf for their room plus take out some books and sort through all their clothes. It was funny that I talked to them about how it really is God's plan that we should be caretakers of things that we have just like Adam and Eve were caretakers of the garden. And that we are the happiest when we do the things which we are made to do. It was good that I think they finally realized that I'm not trying to be an Ogre in making them clean up.

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Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Learning How to Learn

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I just went through the course on Coursera on Learning How to Learn. I find it really sad that there's such a wealth of research on the best way to learn, yet so little of it actually trickle through to schools and as we see kids failing left and right, instead of using what works to teach, we see more and more hair brained ideas being implemented. Okay enough ranting for one day.

Yesterday, three of the kids were at a Karate tournament. They did well. Three first place, three second place and a Grand Champion trophy. Now what are we going to do with all these dust collectors :roll:. I do wish that the tournaments were cheaper and the trophies smaller. I didn't even go. I'm sorry, spectator tickets just aren't worth $25 especially Mark was there and recorded everything. Oh well, guess I'm just an odd ball and not very "supportive" of my kiddos--they know I love them...I think:P.

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Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Memorizing the Periodic Table Easily

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Some of the teens at church were talking about memorizing the periodic table couple Sundays ago. So after we got home I decided to see what I can do in the evening. I was having fun writing stories to help with memorization and drawing pictures to help memorize the symbols. It was fun and columns I-VIII and most of the transition metals were definitely easy to remember with the stories and the pictures that I think even without much review I've got most of it now and now mainly need to sort out the Lanthanide and the Actinide. Why was I not taught memorization skill when I was growing up? Or if these things were deemed so important to know, why couldn't the teachers handed out and taught it with memory aids?? Could have had much more time to either learn other things or just to have more fun... Grr...

I: The hydroelectric generator from the H shaped dam charged up the Lithium battery (with Li written on it) from which a kid poured out soda while saying "Na". The soda was poured onto a potato with a 'K' shaped knife stuck in it (how else would you spell a knife except with a K). Well the potato is no good to eat to it was tossed into the Rubbish basket labeled with the abbreviation 'Rb'. Well with a kid who poured soda on your potato, you'd certainly Cease (C as part of an incomplete not sign with an s in it) to be Friends (Fr F is a big friend holding the shoulder of the 'r' small friend, okay so my picture is more on paper right now so just use your imagination)

Anyway, they are just bunch of stories with associated pictures to help jog the memory and I figure if I can remember these than most other people can too without much work.

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Friday, February 14th, 2014

memorizing anatomy easily

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Okay, been up to miscellaneous things lately but one thing that I've been doing some is learning anatomy. While the kids are at one of their activities, I'd pull out my Kindle and use the 3D anatomy app to figure out where things are. Okay, this kind of got jump started with Glorianna teaching AHG girls to draw and learn the anatomy of an ear. So I made up the story of "Leah the Snail Bunny". They were able to draw it and say the parts using just a fraction of the meeting time.

I know there are many mnemonics people use to help them remember anatomy terms, but mnemonics assumes that you already know the words contained in the mnemonics and their associated locations which is certainly not my case and to remember something else on top was just too mind blowing. So instead, I've been making up very memorable memory aids. I was working on the carpal bones last night and now I can "draw" and say the carpal bones. I think I can teach most six year olds who's willing to listen to the silly story all the names of the carpal bones in just a few minutes in a way that they are not likely to forget. Not how to spell them but how to say them.

I will get around to posting them at some point. But it's been fun for me. Now just need to carve out some time to teach it to my kids or make pictures for them. The thought has crossed my mind to publish them but I'm not sure that's the kind of effort that I'd want to put in especially with trying to include pictures.

In the mean time, if you are interested in the memory aid just drop me an email using the contact link.

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Cover Story

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Nathaniel and a friend has been going through Cover Story Curriculum together. They love the lessons but the work has been challenging not in terms of the amount of work but really thinking, so we have been slowing down to spend more time on some of the work. But it's been really good stretching their minds.

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