Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Elements of Faith

Categories: science, devotion

We just received a copy of Elements of Faith vol 1 that I ordered and started reading it during devotion time. I had a chance to thumb through it a little this afternoon and really liked what I read. There were so many interesting facts that I had problems putting it down, except I had other duties to attend to--sigh. I think the girls liked it too. Now even if we don't get around to "doing" science, I know they will be getting a regular dose of information concerning the elements of the periodic table during devotional time. I sure am glad for books like these that have interesting science, connection to scripture, and applications our our lives. My hat off to Richard Duncan, the author of the book. I'm already look forward to vol 2 whenever it may be coming out, if only for my own curiosity.

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