Monday, February 16th, 2009

Addition flashcard review

Categories: Math

Just thought about an idea for addition flashcard review. We're always losing flashcards so I tend to just make them by hand on the fly, but the problems is that I can either make one without the answer in which case it's hard for them to self check, or when I try putting the answer in the back, the paper (even index cards) are somewhat see through when I use permanent markers. To solve the problem, I made up the cards along with the answers and made a little pocket to put all the cards in. The front of the pocket is low enough to just cover the answers.

Nathaniel just went through some of the cards. He looked at the addition, said his answer, and checked the answer. If it was right, he got to remove the card from the pocket, if not, he had to say it three times and put it in the back of the pocket. Presto! Self-checking math. BTW, if the paper that you use to make the pocket is somewhat see through, you can glue additional paper(s) so the answer does not show through.

I've got everything in a sandwich bag so he'll have everything together.

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