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Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Memorizing the Periodic Table Easily

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Some of the teens at church were talking about memorizing the periodic table couple Sundays ago. So after we got home I decided to see what I can do in the evening. I was having fun writing stories to help with memorization and drawing pictures to help memorize the symbols. It was fun and columns I-VIII and most of the transition metals were definitely easy to remember with the stories and the pictures that I think even without much review I've got most of it now and now mainly need to sort out the Lanthanide and the Actinide. Why was I not taught memorization skill when I was growing up? Or if these things were deemed so important to know, why couldn't the teachers handed out and taught it with memory aids?? Could have had much more time to either learn other things or just to have more fun... Grr...

I: The hydroelectric generator from the H shaped dam charged up the Lithium battery (with Li written on it) from which a kid poured out soda while saying "Na". The soda was poured onto a potato with a 'K' shaped knife stuck in it (how else would you spell a knife except with a K). Well the potato is no good to eat to it was tossed into the Rubbish basket labeled with the abbreviation 'Rb'. Well with a kid who poured soda on your potato, you'd certainly Cease (C as part of an incomplete not sign with an s in it) to be Friends (Fr F is a big friend holding the shoulder of the 'r' small friend, okay so my picture is more on paper right now so just use your imagination)

Anyway, they are just bunch of stories with associated pictures to help jog the memory and I figure if I can remember these than most other people can too without much work.

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