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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

weekend hospital ward

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So much for our Memorial Day weekend...

Christopher was sick with some stomach thing on Saturday so we pretty much watched movies that day. And then Nathaniel had the same thing on Monday :no:

He felt better in the middle of the night and must have gotten hungry so he decided to help himself to milk, chocolate milk, yogurt drink, juice, and ice water... a combination that can make even the healthy throw up. Well, that's what he did last night so he's back on no food for a while. Sigh...

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

No band, no orchestra....weird

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Well, today was the first Wednesday in a long while where the girls didn't have band or orchestra practice. So it was a quiet day hanging around the house. It sure felt kind of weird after a whole school year of running them around on Wednesdays.

The audition results came out, Christianna will be in the junior orchestra for next year. That is going to be bad losing Saturdays for her practice, but the good thing is that we still have every other Friday to do things as a family.

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Saturday, May 21st, 2011

birthday party

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Mark had a church meeting this morning, but made it back before lunch. We dropped the kids off at a birthday party and went to Outback Steakhouse for lunch. Haven't been out on a date for a while. We were both quite stuffed by the time we were done with lunch and had doggie bag to go. In fact I think I ate too much and just skipped dinner all together. When we went to pick up the kids we ended up chatting for a LONG time so the kids ended up spending pretty much the whole afternoon with their friends. They had fun, but I think Christopher was REALLY tired by the time we got home and REALLY needed his nap.

Poor Mark, for some reason has been achy so he's trying to feel better.

Oh yea, yesterday for piano since there were only two students and we are going into a stretch where there will be very few students for a while, I thought that I'd introduce some outside pieces. Anyway, since it was last minute that I found out that one of the students won't be there, and I changed my plans and thought that I can quickly introduce a piece, I grabbed a Martha Mier book Jazz Rags and Blues, except I couldn't find book 1 so I just grabbed book 2. I found a Boogie song which had the basic blues base, learned the first part in the car (while Mark's driving, I'm not THAT crazy) and taught it. The students learned it the usual Simply Music fashion and I came home and learned the rest of the music tonight while the kids were getting ready for bed. Wow! I never ever had such easy time learning pieces. The sad thing is that I'm still trying to keep sight reading instead of doing what I know works so well... sigh, I guess old habits are truly hard to die. Mark was really glad that I'm having so much fun with playing the piano--he's such a great guy who really cares about how I feel ;D

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Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Spring Band Concert

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Yea! Glorianna had her spring band concert tonight. It went quite well. I'm quite impressed with what they accomplished this year. Honestly when they were first introduced these pieces, I had some concern about their difficulties, but they did quite well. You can check them out.

I recorded them, but unfortunately maybe I didn't read the instructions, but the recorder quit after a little over an hour and since I started the recording early so as not to be a distraction, grrr.... I think next time I'll just run up and down or sit behind Mr. Bratcher and operate the recorder from there.

I think Glorianna is very happy about finishing the concert, but also very sad that band is done for this school year. She said she'll take it easy with her flute in the summer and try to work on the clarinet more.

Tonight, I asked Christianna if she'll want to play in the band since Glorianna has started teaching her flute. I know that would be a lot of music for her so it would absolutely be something VERY OPTIONAL. And if she does play in the band, the flute would be the first instrument to be ignored if need be since she has already gone so far with violin and piano. We'll find out the result of her violin audition next week, but since she did well on her audition, I would be really surprised if she's not in the junior orchestra for next year given the difficulty of her piece. I think the tough thing with her is how to encourage her to be diligent practicing her instruments and perhaps to help her some in terms of how to practice. It's funny to think that kids at her level are usually practicing at least an hour a day for their instrument of choice--guess I'm not just NOT a tiger mom, what a slacker... I think next year with a more challenging orchestra, it should help. And the scary thought is Nathaniel in AJSO next year 88| Watch out Ms V. he's talented but is nothing like his sister.

Argh, I don't even want to go there after his MISBEHAVIOR tonight :no:

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

last band practice

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Today was Glorianna's last band practice. Can't believe that summer is almost over and people are wrapping up with the school year already. Lately I've been looking for educational apps for kids. Found a few that I like and they really like. There are couple geography ones and a Chinese handwriting one. Maybe one of these days I'll write a review...

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