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Sunday, June 19th, 2011

no more birds

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It was rather sad this morning. The birds were really not chirping much. One was barely standing up. I figure we would have at least one dead bird by the time we came home from church. But both died by the afternoon. It was just sad to see them doing so well yesterday and then dead today. But goes to show that God created birds to take care of birds. His creation is marvelous and we've just been blessed to take part in a little bit of his wonders.

Tonight, Glorianna came as asked about taking part in the One Year Adventure Novel summer camp next year. I looked up the information and told her she'll probably need to be older before we let her go.

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birds in the atrium

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Christianna has been very patient with the birds. They are eating quite well and growing. Last night she didn't put the screen over the bucket so this morning the birds were out and about in the atrium (good thing they were in the atrium and not the house). One was standing on the window sill--it was about as high as the bird can fly. But the other bird was missing. As it turned out it was stuck behind the water fall. It took much prodding but we finally got the bird out. It was really funny though, when we waved the stick over the bird's head, it thought food was coming and kept looking up and opening its beak. Later one of them managed to squeeze under the screen and was out and about again. I think they are more or less used to being handled so when I approached it it didn't flinch and I was able to grab it and put it back in the bucket so Christianna can feed it. Oh yea, just to mention that it is a BIG bucket for soda and stuff so the birds has room to spread their wings. It won't be long before we'll need to release them, but we want to make sure that the birds are at least strong enough to get away from the many cats that hangs around the house.

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Thursday, June 16th, 2011

baby birds in the bathroom vent?

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When I was in the bathroom yesterday, I hard lots of noise above me. I stood still and listened some more to try to figure out what was going on. I some clicking, flapping and a chirp. Hum... certainly not mice, sounded more like a bird above our ceiling. How in the world did the bird get there? And more importantly how in the world should I get the thing out. I listened some more and heard more chirping and it was coming from the bathroom vent. I called Mark and he said that the bird must have somehow gotten into the vent. Sigh... I got out the flashlight and the step ladder and began my investigation. Lo and behold, I saw the head of a baby bird and the body of another bird, but the baby looked limp. I took out a pair of disposable gloves and tried tugging at the unwilling birds by the legs (poor things, I tried to be very gentle). After much blind chase with my hands above the bathroom vent (I pried it open enough to get my hands through) I managed to pull both birds out. They both seemed okay upon inspection. Christianna is REALLY happy being able to hold the birds and try to feed them. We tried to put the birds outside. We waited, but no mother birds came and we are afraid that the cats might get them. So this morning Christianna is again trying to feed the birds. She figured out how to feed soaked dog food to them. She's been very patient taking care of them. I'm praying that they will make it into adulthood as I don't think these birds are that far from flying.

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Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Visual Latin

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Okay, I'll be the first to admit that it's a LOT easier to make your kids learn something for school than for me to actually sit down and learn it too. But recently I just came across Visual Latin and have been having a good time going through it. It somewhat reminds me of the approach from Trinity Southwest Theological Seminary towards Greek. Get reading familiar materials right away and then slowly build up the necessary grammar. It is much simpler than just working on grammar and vocabulary and in some sense not having any true application. I just wish there were around before my kids started Latin. Personally it really suits me well. Just trying to get the kids to get started on them...

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Arizona Haze

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We've been having hazy smoke all the way from Arizona. It's too bad that we don't live on the other side of the mountain. So instead we now barely have a view of a very hazy city. We've not been able to run the swamp cooler at night due to the smoke. It's truly amazing how far that smoke can travel. The crazy thing that Mark told me yesterday was that some folks from the city government basically issued a statement of don't use your swamp cooler (even when during the day it really wasn't that bad) and don't BBQ. Hum, that's like asking people along the Mississippi to not pour any buckets of water into the Mississippi during a flood. That will hardly make any difference to the overall condition of the city. I was actually quite amazed Friday night when we were out, you can see the haze just in front of the car's headlight. Now that's a dense haze.

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