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Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Weekend trip

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We took a weekend trip to CO with some friends. The kids had a great time together and the dogs too and they got along quite well. It was funny, we had a camp fire and doused with fire and the next morning it was still smoldering--hey guys, whatever happened to the boy scout training? One of the boys in the scouts did try to teach the little guys how to work the fire. I thought that was very sweet. It was a relaxing time, but all too short...

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

One neglected blog

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Okay, so life has been quite busy and we are just recovering. We had a successful VBS at church. Had lots of teens and I think they had fun and hopefully learned useful and challenging material. It's good now that we have a gravel parking lot instead of just weeds so they were able to play kickball. I think the kids program went well as well, though I must remember to mention next time to really have a goal for VBS instead of just throw whatever "fun" things together, so every activity could be held to conform to the goal. One thing funny that happened which illustrate the need for clear communication. We had ice cream sundae day and I told the organizer to get some maraschino cherries but when we got our ice cream it had a regular cherry on top. I didn't think anything at the time other than this is weird, it must be a Chinese and fruit thing, but later it dawned on me that she probably had NO IDEA as to what I was talking about :))

Anyway it won't be long before we start the regular school time activities, but for this week we are taking a break from music lessons except that Glorianna is in jazz camp so I've been playing chauffeur back and forth. At least the church where the camp is located is not far so it's not a big deal lugging everyone around.

We went out last night for ice cream at I Scream for Ice Cream. Nice and quaint place plus a very nice owner. The homeschool band sells gift certificates from there each year for their fundraiser. It's a great deal as far as fundraisers go, the gift certificates are for the face value, it's a great place for kids, and 50% of the sale goes to band. The owner does this as his form of advertising so a true "win win" situation.

Okay, I feel better now that I've "unneglected" this blog just so that I can get back to my other gazillion and one thing.

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Friday, July 8th, 2011

Pinata making

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We are going to have pinatas at VBS for one of the game time. Having put off starting for a while to try to get the puppets done and always seem to get sidetracked, I figure I better get to it. Amazingly, this morning I was actually sidetracked from something else to get the forms for the pinatas done. So now I have the forms for a car a penguin, and a rocket and the first layer for the pinata is on and they are holding! Thanks to Christianna who came up with the rocket idea. It looks so cute. I can't wait until it's painted and I'll probably hang some streamers out of the tailpipes at the bottom.

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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

puppet making

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I've been the puppet making fiend for the last couple of weeks for VBS missionary story. For whatever reason Glorianna thought puppets would be great for missionary story about Rachel Saint. So far I have made 6 basic puppet forms from the patterns from BiblePuppet. Now they are just waiting for hair and things. Glorianna want to hold off so Megan can help with them, but the clock is ticking as there's less than three weeks til VBS and they still need to practice with the puppets and get the stage ready and get songs ready. I've got the unfortunate sinking feeling that just as I've had to do most of the work so far on the puppets, I'll either end up having the decorate the puppets last minute or will be like so many other projects in the past that I've been involved in, end up picking up the pieces and having a whole lot more stress than just doing it on my own. Hate to say it, it's already causing quite a bit of stress trying to hold back and not finish them and realize that it'll probably take a lot more of my time for these to be finished. Sigh... I was hoping that Glorianna and Megan could actually do some of the sewing and in the process learn to make the puppets themselves, but giving any suggestion is like pulling teeth and getting movement towards helping is like waiting to be acknowledged by some royal official where you must wait to see when they have a convenient time and finding task which won't infringe on their other plans. ARGHHHHHH!!!!

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word wars

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I'm really encouraged that the girls are currently having a word war! No, it's nothing bad. They are challenging each other to write so they have ten minute writing spurts to see who can write more words in their story. Glorianna said that this is really helping her to get more of her story written, and I'm glad that this is helping Christianna get more of her story done as well. Glorianna is trying hard to get her story done soon so she can get it critiqued.

Last Sunday the girls got to offer the music during worship. They played El Shaddai together. They did a good job. I was commenting to Mark how much Glorianna has changed and opened up in the last year. I think writing, band, and AHG has all contributed much.

Glorianna is still working on the puppet script for VBS mission story of Rachel Saint. Really need to be praying for the production that it would go well. It is wonderful seeing the kids mature. Especially to see Glorianna really taking up the challenge of "Do Hard Things."

Last night we went over to some friends' house for 4th July celebration. I had a chat with couple people about kids and school and it just puzzles me to no end why anyone who does not how the school operates and how little kids learn is still willing to offer their children to the school system. I know they are teaching their kids at home, but at that point, why not just ditch the school altogether and let the kids have more free time to explore what they like to do.

We shot of some legal fireworks in the backyard. The kids enjoyed sparklers and we watched some illegal fireworks being shot off by some nearby neighbors. At least it had rained a bit in our neighborhood on the 3rd but we are still praying for the regular monsoon rains to begin soon. It's suppose to get really hot this week but with good chance of rain, so I'll take that.

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