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Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

settling into piano class

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I decided to teach a Simply Music class for homeschoolers this year. I had ten kids sign up. It's a pretty large range but I've decided to try to stay within this range and see how it goes rather than being in a hurry to try to split them by ability. Today, it seems like things are settling down a bit. I paired up the older ones with the younger ones and that seem to work okay. Also, I'll start introducing some more arrangements and see how well that goes over. Patience! Wait and see how the kids finally settle into class.

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

pictures and more pictures

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Glorianna is taking Omnibus I online and is required to memorize a couple passages. Time is starting to tick away and she has not really started. So I just created a bunch of picture associations. I'm really tired now, but hopefully those things will help her. I wish she had done it, but at the rate she's going, there's no hope of her finishing in any reasonable time. Next time, I think I'll try to make her sit down and think of all the word associations since that really helps with the memorization part to start with.

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Sunday, September 4th, 2011

San Antonio

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Mark and I left the kids with some friends and took a trip to San Antonio. It was rather HOT, but we had a good time. We skipped Sea World and Six Flags as we both have been to our share of them and went for the historic sites. It was very nice learning about the missions and visiting the Alamo and reading up on the history. Just wish that we could have taken pictures inside the Alamo, but we respected the idea of the shrine even though personally I don't take to that idea much. Anyway, came back, the kids survived and we are now more or less back to normal.

Glorianna gave me a copy of the schedule that she's decided on for school, it looked reasonable so we'll see how it goes. I'm still debating about doing a schedule for Christianna instead of just a checklist, but I'd like to get her input but sometimes it's so hard to get her to decide on anything...

Nathaniel made it through orchestra! He didn't fall apart!

I'll be starting couple more piano lessons on Wednesday. It'll be fun helping more people to play the piano.

Prayer meeting went well. I'm not sure what video the kids watched during prayer meeting. The boys are so cute asking to watch videos and the girls were redoing Lego houses, so now there's Lego pieces all over their floor. 88|

Labor Day tomorrow. I'm really not sure what we are celebrating anymore for Labor Day other than more or less the last day to party outdoors. I sort of know the history as we've done a lapbook on it before, but they just seem so hollow today.

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Sunday, August 28th, 2011

drywall work

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We helped some friends of ours today with their new house. They had some friends come over to put up a dividing wall and Glorianna and I helped putting joint compound and tape between the cracks. I'm really glad that Glorianna likes to help. The little ones were glued to the DVD player :no: which unfortunately was my bad for not bringing something more constructive for them to do. But it was fun. I was able to have a tour of the empty house and gave some suggestions about painting and light fixture (okay they are all practical and not about esthetics). I really want our kids to learn to do things and help whenever they can. It just makes such a huge difference for those around you. Mark worked on their swamp cooler. He's getting to be quite an "expert" after having dealt with our and helping with church's swamp cooler for many years. It was hot up on the roof, and I'm just glad that he's okay.

It was interesting that when we were about to leave, our friend was asking me about how we home school and how I can get so many other things done. I gave my standard and somewhat embarrassing answer that the kids do most of the work on their own (yes even Nathaniel after much nagging) and I'm their when they need help. I'm so glad that the kids are learning how to learn on their own (which is so very important) and taking responsibility for their learning (most of the time).

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

French anyone?

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I've been sort of been brushing up on my French some lately just for fun because we have some friends who are in France learning French so they can go over to Mali as medical missionaries. Anyways, I got an email today (most likely a scam) asking for piano lessons for two 1 hour lessons twice a week from "some lady in France". I couldn't resist and responded in French :). These scams must work somehow as these people don't even bother changing the details in the scam and they just send out these without even taking time to do their research. "My son is coming to (your city)" Hum, the last I checked, I have not found any city named "your city". Sigh, I guess this is a good indication that there are still lots of people who needs to come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Hum, maybe next time instead of responding in French, I really should reply with the gospel message.

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