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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

new piano students

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I just had couple of new students today for piano. I think I'll really enjoy teaching them as they really have the support of their mom. Unfortunately I'll lose them in a year + as they will be moving away then, or maybe I might try looking into online lessons. Either way, I'll enjoy teaching them right now.

The kids did quite well during the lesson too. I'm glad that Nathaniel has more or less gotten over me teaching and no longer act unbecomingly the first few lessons of any new student.

I'm glad that the kids has been doing better with getting their work done.

Just got the info for this coming year's VBS lessons. will be trying to figure out craft.

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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Play a story

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I'm happy, happy, happy. Just got the material for Play-a-Story from Simply music. Can't wait to dig in and start learning the stuff. I may try to have a class this summer for it. But either way, will get my kiddos through it first and then think about incorporating it. Did I mention that I'm happy, happy, happy?

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Friday, January 20th, 2012

attempt at making chinese sausage

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Okay, I finally did it. Bought the meat, ground it up last night and marinated it overnight. Stuffed them today and they are now hanging up in the balcony. There's a pretty steady breeze and so far it looks good. So unless so beasts gets to them (at least our dog can't) or there's some gusting winds we should be able to enjoy them in a week or two!

It was funny the other day when I was buying the pork shoulder, the gal at the check out was rather grossed out by the meat. Unless she's a vegetarian, I think she just doesn't realize how much fat she is eating when she eats sausages. Hey, that's what make them good right?

Oh yea, I made some sunshine cake (太陽&#39173;) yesterday and I'm still beaming :))!! I'm still happy that I got it to work. I'll be bringing some to my friends, I think they'll appreciate them since you can't buy them here. Next I'll try to make pineapple cake (鳳梨&#37221;) again when I have time. It just takes so long to reduce the pineapples down to a sticky glob but they are just so good fresh. A friend of mine brought me some the other day, yum...

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Thursday, January 19th, 2012

off too long...

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Been busy with this that and the other and now that we are switching email in the next few weeks trying to move everything from old email to gmail. But once done, hopefully will not have to do that again.

Now with Chinese new year approaching we are trying to get some stuff ready. It always seems there's one thing or another. But we did take time out to watch Courageous last night! We did censor certain parts of it from the boys. It was funny that Nathaniel was perfectly happy walking away to play, but Christopher we almost insistent on seeing those parts. It's definitely their personalities coming through.

Glorianna just took her midterms. She did quite well on one of them and the other is yet to be graded. And now she's back to fretting over playing the flute for the Chinese New Year celebration and later band performance. But I'm really glad that she's having fun. Over the break she took up sewing again and made a dress and is partly through a skirt. I'm so glad that she is taking initiative, now if only we can get the same motivation for math and science :>>

I'm glad that Nathaniel is doing much better with his math now. I've discovered that if I hang around him and talk to him from time to time to bring his attention back to his work, he really can zip through math. Oh, my little expressive.

Well, I'm going to attempt to make chinese sausage so tomorrow I'll need to look for a safe place to hang it that's away from cats, dogs, birds and whatever other mooch there may be.

Today I made some sunshine cake (太陽&#39173;) and it turned out! I'm so happy :)) as last time I tried it, most of the filling oozed out. I think I know the problem now as I didn't let the dough rest long enough so the gluten didn't relax enough for me to work with the dough. Hey, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks :yes:

Well, I think I'll go and copy the recipe to the blog so I don't need to look all over for it again...

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Sunday, December 11th, 2011

concert season

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Wow, what a set of running around this week starting Thursday until today, there was at least one concert each day that we had to take the kids to. But I'm really glad that they did well and that they all enjoy playing their respective instruments.

Oh no, just realized that Christmas is upon us and I need to get to our annual Christmas letter...

Oh yea, before I forget, tonight when we were praying before bed, Christopher as usually started praying for all the things that Nathaniel should change, Mark tells Christopher to stop it and only pray about himself, so Christopher says, "I quite." I guess he didn't want to pray that he'd stop hitting his brother. Oh kids...

Thinking about hitting Nathaniel, apparently Christopher was hitting Nathaniel during Christianna's concert but Nathaniel was so absorbed in the video he was watching that he didn't even realize what was happening. :)

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