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Monday, May 2nd, 2011

May snow

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We had some nice snow fall this afternoon. Big fluffy flakes. Didn't stick but this is some strange weather we are having dropping down to 50's and then bounce back to 80's.

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Welcome Naan

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Made Naan today and they got gobbled up again. We lost track how many Christopher ate, but all we know is that it was probably pushing his stomach limits. I should remember to make it more often. I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner and found some pre-cut chicken pieces in the deep freezer so thought about curry chicken which we haven't had for a while, and what goes well with curry? Naan of course.

Piano lessons went well today. Christianna was still not feeling 100% so she didn't join in the lesson. Poor thing she was feeling cold and then hot and then cold and then hot, you get the picture. It seems like she's feeling better now. I was joking earlier that I was a slave driver mom forcing my children to practice their music even when they are on their death bed 88| Okay maybe not that bad... But she does have a piano evaluation this weekend with songs that she's still not quite fluent in (quite weird for her) and violin audition for orchestra next weekend so I told her that if she was up to it she should try to practice a bit. Hope she'll be able to do her best on both.

Nathaniel has been doing better with violin practice. We made a good manners chart and some reminders. Just hope that these would help him to calm down and pay attention during class. He's got musical talent and not because I'm his mom. I just want all my kids to do their best at whatever God has given them the ability. Then again, maybe I'll go with the girls' suggestion of "making" Christopher play the cello so they can play ensembles together. Jury is still out on that one :)

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love birds

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There are couple mourning doves that has been hanging around on the window sill just above one of one of the sliding doors at home. It's been a lot of fun watching them first checking the place out, then preening each other and then one of them showing off his feathers probably warding off another bird that was hanging around. If our guess is not wrong, we are expecting a nest to be made soon. It has been really fun watching them.

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Monday, April 25th, 2011


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Today the girls and I were suppose to go hiking with AHG. Poor Christianna wasn't feeling well so first I had to call Mark to come home and watch her while I ran to the orthodontist with Glorianna and Nathaniel. And this evening, only Glorianna and I went hiking. I'm glad that all went well though Glorianna is quite sore, compounding her soreness from roller skating on Saturday. I think all the kids had fun and Glorianna managed to get most of her end of level stuff taken care of. We came home and found that Christianna is still on and off and now Mark is down... Oh well...

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Sunday, April 24th, 2011

roller skating and baseball

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No, not at the same time :)

Yesterday the kids (minus Christopher) went to a birthday rollerskating party. Poor Glorianna was trying to help some of the little ones using her limited skating skills. I didn't go as I was still trying to give my back more rest so I didn't see all the spills that she took being pulled down by those she was trying to help. She came home sore, but I'm really glad that she really has a servant heart.

Then last night we went to a baseball game. It started off drizzling some and quite windy even though it was not in the forecast. But thankfully, things quieted down. The Isotopes won! And Orbit came up to where we were so the boys had some time interacting with the mascot. There was a fireworks show afterward. Poor Nathaniel was not looking forward to the loud noise so I had to hold him a good chunk of the last part of the game. But I think with the ear plugs and sitting on my lap, he did enjoy the fireworks. Hopefully the next time we watch a fireworks show he'll do better.

I am currently trying to work with Nathaniel with his new violin piece. It's an etude but I think he's trying hard and doing quite well. We are taking about a measure or two each day... slow and steady right?!

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