Happy Mother’s day

I don’t think I need to say much more than the title.  Go and enjoy your kids today and count all your blessings.  Or let your mom know that she is special.  If your mom is no longer living, be a blessing to some mom today.  Make this world a better place.

Dealing with incomprehensible tragedy

I don’t care to watch the local news just because more often than not you hear so much of what’s wrong with the world.  But unfortunately being bombarded with these news items can also develop in us a callousness towards the lives behind the minute long spots.  Today a friend of ours received a call informing him of a tragedy regarding close friends of his.   The wife’s sister and family were killed in a fiery car accident after they were hit by a work truck in a possible DWI case and their SUV caught fire.  It was the lead story on the local news.  Ten years ago, the husband’s sister’s murder was also a high interest news item.  What are the odds of such tragedies happening to one family who does not engage in risky behaviors?

For most of us, when we hear these news items, we may momentarily feel bad for the parents, infant and toddlers who were killed, or other news worthy victims.  Then we just move on to how the weather will effect me tomorrow.  Perhaps it’s also the problem of we really don’t know how to face these types of tragedies.  I was trying to sign a card for the family and realized that there are really no words for comfort during these times.  I have enough faith to believe that God will bring Himself glory through all the tragedies but that is no comfort.  So, I just offer up prayers that someone that God Himself would bring comfort and healing to the family.  And let this be a reminder for me as well that next time I hear the tragic lead story that I would remember the lives broken by these events and offer up prayers to God for the lives so severely impacted by us tragedies.

Martial Arts Dream

Since I’m just starting this blog, I should from time to time let you know more about myself.  I started training in Tae Kwon Do few years back, okay our dojang really practice mixed martial arts.  My kids started first and while talking to the grand master about my kids, I unthinkingly asked about classes for me.  There were things going on that prevented the parents class from forming for another year.  What I hadn’t remembered until then was that growing up in the Asian culture, I was immersed in martial arts stuff.  It was not just Bruce Lee, but even many of the soap operas I watched growing up were martial arts based.  I had forgotten how my siblings and I used to practice flying side kicks against the end of our concrete hall way in the flat we lived in.  How my brother and I used to pretend spar.  I would have loved to have started martial arts training when I was young, but I’m glad that I did eventually start.  I had many reasons why I should not have done it, but I’m glad that I did not let them dissuade me from starting and continuing.  Now, I’m close to getting my black belt and loving what I do.

But I think the important thing I’m learning is that we all have dreams and wishes which may have been dormant for quite a while, but when opportunities present themselves, don’t shy away from actively looking for ways to pursue those dreams and wishes.  Yes, many of them cannot be fulfilled over night, but doesn’t it become even more worthwhile when you finally do obtain them?

George Foreman Grill

I love gadgets.  Maybe it’s the engineer side of me.  Unfortunately most of them come much short of expectations.  I’ve been eyeing the George Foreman grill for a while, but just wasn’t sure if it’ll just be another disappointment.  But the other day while at Wal-Mart I bit the bullet and bought it.  Must say that I am extremely pleased with my purchase.  The funny thing is that I had intended to use it for burgers, it has not happened yet.  Instead I now have the George Foreman Asian style grill.  I still got a whole list of Asian stuff I’m eager to try and I think after those it will be fejitas.  I’ll get around to the burgers some day.  I’ll slowly post the recipes that I like as I try them out and also turn some into quick freezer meals.  Maybe I’ll give these as gifts this Christmas along with a personal recipe book.  Ideas… ideas… ideas…

Gray Hair

Why are we as women so eager to hide our gray hair as we grow older?  I know for me, I’m just too lazy to bother dying my hair.  I have a fairly thick streak right at the top of my hair.  When I have my hair down I could probably pass for having intentionally dyed the streak gray as the rest of my hair is mostly black, but when it’s pulled back, it almost reminds me of the hair of Lily Munster from The Munsters TV show.  The gray does bother me from time to time but again not enough for me to expend the effort to take care of it.  One of my boys like play around and bug me about my gray hair and then follow on with, “I’m trying to get myself murdered, aren’t I?”

But are gray hair necessarily something we should hide?  My oldest daughter has been slowly adding strands of gray hair to her thick dark hair.  The gray really stands out.  But one thing we’ve noticed is that she’ll get a new strand or two from going through a stressful time.  She can almost name each strand for the particular stressful situation which she went through.  They are the markers for the remembrance of having made it through and becoming a better person because of it.

So next time when you see another gray hair, remind yourself that, “I have fought a battle, I have conquered it, perhaps along the way I had to learn a lesson or two, but I have come out a better person because of it.”

Principle vs Principal

I have never been a good speller, but one way that I’ve learned to keep the words principle and principal straight is to remember that Al is the PrincipAL. Unfortunately I think we now live in a society where we are confusing the two in more ways than just their spelling. I would like my life to count for something worthwhile. I would like my children to develop principles by which to live. Unfortunately our society now seem to be more interested in following the authority figures or such as the principals rather than unchanging principles, or if you want to use the other definition of principal, that’s the wad of cash that can tempt us to do things which potentially violates our principles. I sometimes catch myself tempted to compromise in order to fit in or in order to be even more comfortable. But my hope is that for me and my family that even if from time to time we misspell principle and principal yet in how we live, we would always live by our principles.

Everyday Leader

What is the first thing you think of when you think leaders? Politicians, CEO’s, coaches? For the most of us, the we would not consider ourselves leaders, but we are. Do you have influence with another person, then you can make a difference and cause or lead another. Years ago, it was very eye opening listening to Jeff Myers talking about everyday leadership. We have a family dominated by introverts. I was the kid who walked through my high school hallways with my head down burried in the books in my arms. Who in the world can I impact. But as a mom of four who continues to learn, I am realizing how much influence I do have on others and not just over my kids. So yes, I am an everyday leader. My actions does lead others to do good or to do bad. So let me, no, let us live each day ready and willing to take on the challenges of being a leader, an influencer of others for good.

Hello World

Well, that’s always the first program that people are taught to write, right?  I’m coming back and actually trying to invest more time into my poor neglected website.  It was first just a little pet project to learn html, javascript, php, etc and establish a platform to share some personally created resources with the rest of the world.  I’ve noticed that at least there has been interest in the Magic School Bus Science lapbooks.  The internet is truly a wonderful place for information and idea exchange.  I will slowly populate this site and share ideas about life and family and hopefully be an encouragement to others.  But, first thing first, to revamp this website so it’s more user friendly.  Until then, I’ll get back to enjoy my family of four “kiddos” (okay not quite so little any more…sob), my dog, my turtle, and of course my hubby.