Wordless Book Ideas

Wordless Book is a tool some people use for the presentation of the gospel. Because it's a tool, it is great when one can carry the tool around with them or use it as a craft to reinforce the concept of the gospel when presenting it to children. There are many sites which goes into details with respect to the meaning of each color so I will not be repeating them here. However, I will note that I am only using five colors: gold, dark, red, clean, and green. I know that some presentations include blue and I think purple too, but I am staying with the five basic colors though some crafts here may be adapted to use more colors.

I've decided to put this page together for a couple of reasons. One I keep thinking of possible ideas to add so keeping this on my blog is getting a big much. Two, this is by far the post wich has been viewed the most and I figure that I'll make it a bit more user friendly. There are not that many pictures here right now, but hopefully over time I can populate them with pictures so you can see a sample of what each project look like.

First here are a few tracts/tools which can be purchased: Now onto stuff that you can make. Some of these can be take home craft for kids, some may be used at gifts, or others as teaching tools. Also, be creative, look around and see other ways that you can incorporate all five colors into a project.

Please feel free to click on an image or a link for further information on how to make the projects.