I’m Amy Yee, Mama to four wonderful children.  Of course before they came along, first I met my hubby in grad school, got married, followed his job to the sunny Southwest where I also got a job working just a few offices down from his.  We enjoyed our time together almost 24/7 for a number of years before God blessed us with our first, then second, then third, and one more just because He is good.  We decided to homeschool our kids from the beginning because I was not satisfied with how little the kids were learning in public school (okay that Asian over achieving part of me was rearing its ugly head).  But along the way, God had to help me figure out what education is about and what it is not and help me expand the context of education to incorporate not just individual subjects as I was taught in school, but life itself.  I am still learning.  And hopefully as I continue this journey I could share some of the things I’ve learned or have struggled with and perhaps could become an encouragement to others along the way.