I'm always on the prawl looking for Chinese/English songs which we can sing at church. Sometimes it can be really frustrating to come across a nice song, but finding no singable translation in the other language, I can't use it for Sundays. But here are some that I may have come across them on the web or some of which I tried to translate and hopefully some people might find this helpful. Unfortunately I'm a one way translator. Can't translate things into Chinese to save my life, but I can somewhat go the other way when I know what the song sounds like. I have already translated quite a few songs for which I couldn't find reasonable translations, but they are all incorporated into other files and I'm not quite up to pulling them. There's nothing fancy here and the songs are left here in no particular order:

全然為你 My All for You
安靜 Be Still
雲上太陽 The Sun Above the Clouds
你的話 Your Word

Here are also some songs that I've written. Our pastor gives a memory verse(s) for each month so I am trying to give a good faith effort to come up with a song for each and in the process memorize the verse in Chinese. Following are my feeble attempts. You are welcome to use them. I may come back some day to refine the songs and put in lead sheet format.

申 命 記 5:7-9
申 命 記 6:4-6
羅 馬 書 12:2
歌 林 多 前 書 15_16-17
約 翰 一 書 3_18_23
启 示 录 11:15

If you happen to use any of these songs/translations, please just go to my blog and drop me a note so I would be encouraged to maintain this page on a more regular basis.