Puppet pattern

Just want to make a plug for Clif Desmond’s puppet pattern http://www.clifdesmond.net/ for moving mouth people made from 9×12 felt pieces (not affiliated to him in any way shape or form other than being an end user of his pattern).

I have made probably 20 of these puppets and have used them during Vacation Bible School for the past maybe eight years. These are great inexpensive puppets that can be put together quickly. For the body I do all of the sewing with a sewing machine, some parts very carefully and creatively though I don’t think that’s what the instructions call for. All the materials are also easy to buy from the local craft store. I have tried to make foam puppets and looked into other options but felt they were too cumbersome and frankly, we don’t have too much storage space. With these, we’ve found that the stuffing need to removed and aired out, which also reduces the space needed for storage.  We often use toddler clothing to simplify the prep work.

Anyway, if you are looking for a solid, cheap, easy people puppet pattern, try the one from Clif.

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