Nature or Nurture?

Just read an interesting article about abduction at birth and miss identified person.

But what I thought was interesting was towards the end of the story when Paul Fronczak found his blood relatives that he realized that he was more similar in temperament to them than his “parents.” Perhaps the similarity is also a way that God had intended to help each family gel better.

But of course it brings up the old question of what is stronger, nature or nurture?  Unfortunately, I think we mistakenly smear the effects of the two and want to associate the sum of the individual to just one or the other.  It’s interesting that Paul does acknowledge the Fronczak’s as being loving parents who probably saved him though he also recognizes the ties to his blood relatives.

As a parent, I find this very interesting and it’s a good reminder that even though I could say that our kids do have a lot of our traits, but they are each individuals and have their own bents.  So as parents it’s not our job to change their nature, but to nurture our children to use their nature for good.  Too often we are so myopic that we want to twist our kids to what we think they should be or what we imagine to be the successful careers for them.  I’m still trying really hard to try to weed out what are my wishes versus actual Biblical principals that my children need to operate under.  Yes, let their nature flourish, but develop them with proper nurture so they can live their lives to the fullest to the glory of God.

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