Mnemonic for Planets in the Solar System

I know there are lots of mnemonics for remembering the planets in the solar system but I don’t seem to be able to get my head around any of them.  I have a hard time remembering random sentence that have nothing to do with the solar system.  Thus no handle to retrieve the information.  A few things to note about mnemonics is that one, if you come up with it yourself, it’ll probably be easier for you to remember, and the simpler or the more relatable a mnemonic is, the easier it would be to remember.

So here’s mine: “movement around the sun.”

Explanation:  MoVEMe*nT SUN

  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: Mercury
  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: Venus
  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: Earth
  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: Mars
  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: Asteroid belt (asterisk)
  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: asterisk is also to note that T is not quite T but if you squish the “n” into the T and connect them, you can sort of imagine a T with a hook to create a “J”… yea somewhat convoluted but mnemonics are never perfect… This deviation can also be a reminder that something weird happens just before Jupiter (division of inner/outer planets and the asteroid belt)
  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: Saturn
  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: Uranus
  • MoVEMe*nT SUN: Neptune
  • Pluto the PupPluto? Yes, I left poor Pluto out after it’s untimely reclassification to a dwarf planet, but I think you can remember poor Pluto sitting outside of everything looking at all the other planets.  Isn’t that how he is with Mickey Mouse and gang.  All the other animals are “people” but poor Pluto remains just a dog.  But I think he’s pretty happy about it…


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