Mnemonic for Layers of Atmosphere

Here’s a little guy who hopefully will help you remember the layers of our atmosphere.

Exosphere: There’s not much in the head of this person.  But will give the molecules x’s and o’s (kisses and hugs) before they leave our atmosphere.

Thermosphere:  The arms are great for holding a thermos and absorbing all those x-ray and UV light from the sun.

Mesosphere: It’s the meatier (meteor) part of the body  where we are mesmerized by the shooting stars as the meteors burn up.

Stratosphere: The person is straddling the world.  Unfortunately stuff is oozing out of his legs  Must be the oozing zone where ozone resides.

Troposphere: It’s the tropical rainforest.  Oh I see.  And of course that’s where most of the water are in our atmosphere.

BTW, I thought of this mnemonic from the bottom up, so might be easier to lean in that direction as well.  Enjoy!

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