Condolences to shooting victims

It’s so heart wrenching to see another mass shooting at Capital Gazette office.  Even though I’m less and less of fans of news agencies regardless of which side of the fence they stand but whether I agree with a person or not on particular issues, in the end, each person is unique and special and the snuffing out of any life is just sad.  I think of the loved ones they leave behind.  Each person had an unique story, and that story has now been cut short by a lunatic.

Some times I wonder about why there are so many mass shootings and how can people even think about such a thing.  But as I look around, there is so much more us versus them mentality and we come up with ways to demonize “them” and put them in a neat little box such that “them”  is somehow now less human.  I’m reminded of the poem The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure how many of us today are willing to stop and reflect on the fact that even though on certain issues we may be on different sides and perhaps even “fighting” against each other, but we are each individuals who might have more in common than we are willing to acknowledge.  I also think of James Carville and his wife on opposite aisles of the political world.  But just because they didn’t disagree on certain issues it did not stand in the way of a successful marriage.

I’m praying for a change of heart of our society so that there’s true love and compassion for everyone (not only for those just like me) and true tolerance would prevail (we can agree to disagree and treat all people with respect) instead of forcing everyone to conform to the definition of tolerance du jour.  If all lives become precious (not some more than others), I really believe that would be the true solution to all the horrific crimes.

Until then, may each of us learn to gracefully deal with all the garbage thrown around each day instead of trying to retaliate and make things worse.  If at all possible, be a light where ever we are.  Reach out to everyone even if they see us as an enemy because of certain views that we may hold.  Demonstrate to the world what it means to consider every life as precious.


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