Be Silent and Listen

Just realized that silent and listen are anagrams of each other. How apt is that. In order for us to listen, we must first rearrange ourselves sufficiently to be silent and I don’t mean just about not speaking but be silent in the heart and mind as well.

Too often when others are speaking my mind is else where thinking of other things. So even though on the outside it may seem like I was listening, but in reality nothing said was truly processed.

I suppose this is a good step for me. One can’t deal with any problem unless there’s first the realization that it is an issue. Of course like all problems, a single step does not a solution make but it’s a start.

Now comes the hard part. The plan of attack and more importantly, sticking to it. Be willing to put aside my own agenda and put others first. That’s funny, how many of our issues really do come down to self centeredness. Guess at least I have managed to flush out one of the root causes. Others before self… see what they have to say as more important than my own thoughts.

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