Panic Response

Had dinner with couple of friends who were in Las Vegas over the weekend.  They were not too far from Mandalay Bay when the shooting began.  In fact, they had stayed at Mandalay Bay few floors below Paddock’s room just Saturday night and saw the concert from their room.  It was a very creepy thought.  Anyway, they were enjoying their time on Sunday when suddenly a crowd of people came in and raised the alarm of active shooter.  The interesting thing was people’s responses to the panic situation.  There were people who were in shock and just can’t think or carry out much, there were people who just want to hide, and there were some in such panic that they were fearful of others even opening the door to the outside.

Our friends decided to make a dash for it in order to distance themselves from the shooting and the crowd of panicked people.

I started wondering how I would have reacted in such panic situation?  The standard response to active shooter is to go into lock down, but is that really the best idea?  I think of 9/11 where the people in the towers were told to stay put, but many of those who took action were able to survive.  We’ll never know in a panic situation what would be the best response, but I think the most important thing is to stay calm and be able to think through your response and come what may, at least you were the one who decided.  I give thanks for all those people on Sunday who stayed on the scene to help.  Thank you so much for risking your own lives for the sake of many people who you may not even know.  It’s people like you who has made America great and I’m glad that you are not yet an endangered species.

How would I respond in a similar panic situation?  I have no idea, but I sure hope that whatever I do, would be thought through and consistent with loving and caring for others.

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