Learning Latin

I recently got into a conversation with some friends about their classical school’s attempt at teaching the kids Latin starting with Wheelock’s Latin Grammar.  Talk about trying to take too big of a bite.  The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve learned to start simple.  I like the approach of Visual Latin from Compass Classroom.  It’s lighthearted but the students learn quite a bit and very quickly and then moving into Lingua Latina.  I did watch some of the Visual Latin lessons, but have not really tried to study Latin seriously.  Now that I’ve had this conversation with my friends, I’m actually motivated to go through Lingua Latina and then later get Wheelock’s just to learn. Lingua Latina is available online for free as a pdf file.

Anyway, so the additional resources I’ll be using are some YouTube videos and some handouts.  And probably utilize some quizlet.com note cards to help me review the vocabularies.

Here’s my plan of attack for each chapter:

  1. Watch the video (the book being read aloud)
  2. Read aloud with the video
  3. Learn the vocabularies
  4. Read each sentence and translate
  5. Watch video and read along
  6. Go through handout stuff to check out grammar and side notes
  7. Highlight and/or note grammar in text
  8. Do the exercises
  9. Finish by reading everything with understanding

I will try and post things as I go along hopefully with ideas and notes.  We’ll see how all this will go… I’m hopeful to learn Latin “easily”.

Here are also some nice additional handouts that might be useful.

More stuff found here at theLatinLibrary.com


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