Trusting Professionals

I think it’s safe to say that most of us for one reason or another seem to trust the “professionals” to be good at what they do and we don’t tend to question their qualifications.

Recently a friend took his car into Brake Master’s to fix his squeaky brakes.  With a name like that, you’d assume that they would be able to fix his brakes.  Well, might as call them break masters because three trips later, more things are squeaking.  Hum…

And yesterday, I was out and about when the schools were letting out.  The school bus driver at the red light, just pulled right into the crosswalk completely blocking the crosswalk.  Really?  And then as I was getting close to home, a school bus pulls out from a stop sign, right in front of me.  Okay a fast car probably could have made it, but a bus?  Being not the fastest to start and a long length.  Wow, what kind of drivers are we entrusting our kids to.

I remember years ago talking to our contractor when we were building an addition to our house.   Boy, did he have nightmares to tell of subcontractors trying to safe money by cutting corners.  These are professionals that we trust every day.  It’s amazing that anything still works.  But thankfully there are still good some people out there.

With these things all around us, it can be tempting when we are doing things for others to try to cut corners or not being careful when we are suppose to be the experts.  I try to teach my kiddos that whatever they are doing, to do the best job that they can and not cut corners.  And also try to learn more so that they can be better at what they do.  I sure hope that somethings are sinking in.  And if one day they do become a “professional” or an “expert” of sorts in some fields, that they won’t turn out to be another person whose words or actions are not worth any more than something coming from an average Joe.  Of course, that means I need to be a role model…sigh…

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