Share the Road

I have nothing against anyone who rides a bicycle, other than that I’m too unstable to trust myself on one.  I think it’s great exercise and I don’t try to watch out for them on the road.

But what gets me is that I happen to drive quite a bit along a state highway that have a paved bike/walking path parallel to it.  The bike path was recently repaved and is not frequented by many people walking.  But the shoulder of the road is still the preferred bike path of choice.  I don’t even mind it that much other than why did we as taxpayers just repave the lightly used bike path.  Thankfully the shoulders are wide enough to perhaps safely allow even two bikes abreast.  But often times, the bikers are riding on the line, or with multiple bikes abreast so I’d have to shift over to pass them.  I don’t think that’s the definition of sharing.  Worse yet, this past Sunday, there was a bike towing a little trailer in middle of the left most lane (remember this is a stat highway even though at this section, the speed limit has dropped to 45 mph) maybe still a quarter of a mile from the light.

Whatever happened to the word share.  Have these people not grown out of the four year old’s definition of share?  Where share means everyone else need to give me what I want?  I think our society is starting to deteriorate into that state where much socialistic ideas have crept into mainstream thinking and people can scream about sharing with them yet have no consideration of others.  I wish for safety for all the bikers out there, enjoy your day and get the health benefits of biking, but remember, sharing the road goes both ways.  Likewise, as you ask for others to share,  don’t forget you have responsibilities as well and don’t unnecessarily burden others… fairness to all…

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