The definition of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness or the state of being whole and undivided.  I always like to think of integrity as living a life that is consistent with ones morals in every way.

I know we are all human beings, whether you agree with me or not, all have sinful nature that causes us to be inconsistent with what we say and do or between various actions.  We operate under different values depending on what we are looking at and often times we are the last to see the inconsistencies in our actions.

I think integrity is bringing it all together so that there is consistency such that we are a whole being rather than fragmented between different values.

Recently, I was witness to actions by some friends that was so jarring that I’m still trying to process it.  Their action towards another individual was so hurtful in one area of life, but then in dealing with other areas of life with the same person, it was as if nothing was the matter.  Perhaps my life tend to flow more from one part to another and I try hard to not compartmentalize anything, even trying to find harmony between literature, art and science and math with the belief that God is one and He is the author of math, science, philosophy, literature, and all other studies of life, thus there is harmony between everything.

So what makes each one of us so blind to so many things that we are truly inconsistent beings?  I’m sure that I have plenty of blind spots that are clear as day to others, but I’ll be hard press to admit it even when others point it out to me, though I sure wish that God would give me the grace to deal with it, if it truly is a blind spot so that I can be whole and have integrity in my life.

May each of us learn to be more whole in our lives, and live by good morals in every aspect of our lives.

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