We’ve been following the progress of the latest hurricanes and it’s sad to see the wake of destruction they’ve left behind.  It’s so easy to think that we are safe and protected in our homes, but it was a very rude reminder that there are many things in life that are not under our control.  Even with all the technology for prediction, we still can’t tell the exact path an strength of a hurricane until it happens.  I’m thankful that we can have some forewarning, but I know of people in the Florida panhandle who were braced for the worst and pretty much got nothing, and then the people in eastern part of Florida who thought that they would be okay because Irma was going up the gulf side, but there ended up being flooding.

All things considered, I am very thankful for the relatively little life loss here in the states.  Things are replaceable, people are not.  It was interesting though that there are some stories of people who decided to ride things out but ended up needing help in the midst of the storm, and they were not happy that they didn’t get emergency help.  Hum…  have we come to a point of being so unreasonable?  If I knowingly make a dangerous choice, how can I then expect others to risk their lives to save me from my stupid choice.  I do appreciate the many first responders who do exactly that but it would be unreasonable to expect it of them always.

We don’t know what route Jose would take and how strong it will become, but please stay safe and make wise decisions.  I know sometimes it’s nearly impossible to evacuate large metropolis areas and there’s always the fear of looting, but lives before stuff and know that there are many things where we are no where to being able to control.

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