Worry List

In college I was taught about keeping a worry list while praying.  Basically while praying, whenever something pops into my mind, instead of trying to remember it or stop praying to take care of it, to just have a worry list next to me, stop praying to quickly jot it down and then forget about it.

It’s a good practice that I need to get back to  in life.  So often there are little things that pops into our head, we can try so hard to not forget it that we end up messing up our current task, or if we stop to take care of that which popped into our heads, we never get back to what we were doing.

So now with phones and electronics all around us and my to-do list almost constantly next to me that are synced across platforms, I have no excuse but to start getting into the habit of using them and once they are on the list, to not to worry about them until I’m at a good stopping point.

Of course, like everything else.  Easier said than done and it will take time to get into the habit of using it and then not trying to get to the task right a way but to wait until when I’m good and ready…  So back to other tasks now…

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