I think there must be a conspiracy between textbook publishers and the health industry.  I just got a teacher’s edition of Prentice Hall Biology and it weighs a TON!  It’s probably just a hair lighter than the ancient church bibles.  Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be bringing it anywhere to thumb through.

I still have mixed feelings about using textbooks.  They are good resources and covers a well rounded set of materials, but they are set up more as materials for regurgitation rather than retention.  And often just like the heaviness of their weight, the student really have no desire to carry the information within it more than they absolutely have to.  I know it is hard to push against the system and I am by no means an advocate of one size fits all (although isn’t that what textbooks are?) but maybe if we can invest in super teachers who can use state of the art animations etc to teach and classroom teachers being more tutors and facilitators.  Maybe kids could become more interested and engaged in the materials.

Perhaps because I’ve got the Biology text sitting next to me, so I’m thinking about some of the videos that I’ve seen about photosynthesis, cell functions, energy conversion, mitosis, etc that really helped me to understand the concepts, but these were all scattered and had to be found and some, though the explanations were good, obviously lacked the necessary resources for better production to make it more attractive to the viewers.  Oh well, at least YouTube has made learning just a bit more interesting.


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