Status Quo

I was reminded today how much I don’t care for status quo.  Maybe it’s because I’m too independent and don’t follow instructions well.  If I don’t like something or care for how something is done, I often go off and look for another solution or create my own version.

Maybe that’s why I homeschool my kids.  I started off looking for the perfect curriculum and realized that there’s no such thing out there.  Even with the things that I’ve created or modified, I’m not completely satisfied and in the end they may be inferior to what’s out there, but oh well, at least I have the satisfaction of having done something about it.

To be honest, I am extremely grateful for all the things that are available for homeschooling.  Especially some of the parent created materials which are far more understandable and kid friendly than many textbooks.  But I think that is what I’ve liked about living in the US.  There’s room for being different, there is room for each individual to improve on what they perceive to be insufficient and create.  Unfortunately I see that spirit waning.  People expect others to solve their problems.  And even in the homeschool community, there’s the tendency to follow trends and expect the right curriculum to be the answer.

Life will always throw those curve balls at us, what will we do when things don’t work?  I remember when I talked to my mom years ago about homeschooling our kids, she acknowledged that there are a number of bad teachers and they can have very negative impact on the kids (after working with them first hand in the public school), but she said I should just put our kids in school and pray really hard that they will get good teachers.  I’m not satisfied with that solution.  Let’s resolve to look for and/or create the satisfactory solutions rather than expect others to solve our problems.  Don’t be satisfied with the status quo.

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