Praying for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

So sorry to hear that Hurricane Harvey took on so much more power before landfall.  I’m glad that it was not a direct hit on Corpus Christie.  But as it is, we know a number of people who will be affected by Harvey.

It’s always hard when natural disasters hit.  I think part of it is that sometimes we do have the Star Trek false sense of belief that someone we can control nature.  Yes, we have made a lot of advancements in terms of controlling our environment.  We have been blessed through irrigation technology and the ease of transportation to have plenty of food though sometimes we do complain about the prices when there are some agricultural difficulties in producing the foods we want.  For the most part, we live under decent shelter and have our indoor temperatures well moderated.  If we get sick for the most part, we expect the doctors to be able to solve our problems.

So, we are quite comfortable and in comparison to people of the past and of other cultures, we are quite well off and our lives are very sheltered.  I think that’s why when things like Hurricane hits, it’s much harder for us to deal with it because it exposes our vulnerability and how we are anything but in control.

I’m praying for those in Harvey’s path that they will be okay and be able to recover quickly.  But I’m also praying for the realization and the remembrance that I need to be thankful for the good that I receive every day as it is the grace of God but also to recognize that life is not mine to control and to live accordingly.

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