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We’ve been following the news regarding the impact of Hurricane Harvey.  It’s always sad seeing homes destroyed and people stranded.  But then I started wondering how wide spread is the devastation?

I remember years ago there was flooding along the Willamette River and people began calling my parents to make sure that we were not sitting under water.  Well, the flooding literally was just along the river but the reporting made it sound like the whole of Portland was being threatened.

Then I started thinking about when I was in Kindergarten, one time probably after a Typhoon, part of the school field was flooded.  The water was probably chest deep (okay I wasn’t a big kindergartner) and the bus driver had to pick us up one by one and carry us to the bus just outside of the gate.  I can imagine if the camera was only zoomed in on the effort, it would probably appear as some heroic rescue of little children from a major flood.  Hum…

So anyway, I started wondering about the degree of flooding.  Of course I’m not dismissing that there is bad flooding in certain areas around Texas, nor am I down playing the suffering of the people impacted by the hurricane, but I am wondering about the degree of the impact especially when I have friends living near Huston complaining about being stuck with the kids at home for a whole week.  That doesn’t sound like major storm impact.

I remember after Katrina, there were aerial view and maps of the parts of New Orleans under water which is rather lacking here.  Also, knowing that yes flooding will be a problem for some  in the low lying areas, but given that the whole area is pretty flat so the water would probably be more spread out and there won’t be significant run off into just one small region.  Thankfully unlike New Orleans, the area is not below sea level so the water does have a chance to drain into the ocean.  So my hope is that the flooding and destruction is not as bad as what the media is making it out to be.

Again, I’m not dismissing the problem being faced by those whose homes and businesses have been destroyed or even those who had suffered minor flooding in their home since even an inch of water in the house can cause significant head aches and repair costs to the owners.  But it is worthwhile whenever we watch or read some news report to think through it critically and not to make broad general assumptions.  No, the whole of Houston is not under water :).

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