Ionic Covalent Bonds

Ah chemistry time in co-op.  The subject of ionic and covalent bonds came up and I could not remember which and some of the additional information associated with the bonds.  So quick review…

Ionic… I own it.

Keep an eye on (anion) the negative attitude of the non-metal that stole the electron (maybe the non-metal is so negative because it is jealous of the metal’s shininess)  and on the other side  cat eye (cation) is positively shiny, just like metals.

Covalent – they COoperate and share what they have so each side has what it needs.

If I own the stuff, I’m not going to give it back so easily, so in general, it takes more energy to break apart an ionic bond thus it’s in general a stronger bond.

That’s it for a quick chemistry review…

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