I Sound Awful

My little guy was sick last week and since I had already written the check for the boys’ trumpet lesson so I decided to ask if I can just take his place.  I had messed around with the trumpet a bit before when they were first getting started with the horn so it’s not the first time that I’ve tried to play it.  But it has been a while since then.  Though I was surprised that I was able to buzz better than I had before.  Thinking more about the air stream rather than the buzz helped a lot.

Yes, I was able to play around some in the Essential Elements Book 1 and more or less hit the right notes.  But oh the tone was awful.  I’m glad that I have messed with enough instruments to know that this is the normal learning curve.  There’s usually a big hump in the beginning just to consistently make some reasonable sound.  Then it’s kind of fun just messing around for awhile then all the little details begin to become important for improvement.

Unfortunately, music instrument is one that kids often quit before they get really good.  Band or orchestra is great because the group motivates the student to continue practicing.  But sports often takes precedence over music.  I think sports in many ways is easier.  You only practice while you are with others, there is a lot more freedom in sports as opposed to music where for the most part you need to follow the directions on the printed music (unless it’s jazz) and it’s the same thing over and over again until the group comes together to perform.  And if you talk to any teacher of solo instruments they often see the big drop off once the students hit high school.

I’m glad for the opportunities that many schools offer for kids to learn a music instrument.  I do wish that more kids would stay with music because studies have shown that playing music is good for the mind and I do think it takes discipline.  Yes, even if it sounds awful in the beginning and there are times when it is kind of boring working on the same things to get it right.  But I think in the end it builds character and isn’t that one of the more important things for success in life?

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