Dragon Scales

My girls always like to comment that I have dragon scales when it comes to heat.  It seem like I have an abnormally high tolerance for heat.  I never thought that being able to occasionally tap my way around an hot oven with bare hands and cooking over a full extra size gas burner was that big of a deal until one day working with of of my boys with a low temp hot glue (it’s low temp right?) that some of it got on his hand.  I was very nonchalant about it and told him to just wipe it off.  Ops, he ended up with a blister–so sorry…  But blister or not, I should have been more understanding.

Some times it’s easy forget that we all have different sensitivity levels in life whether it’s towards heat, or pain, or our emotions.  It’s so easy to assume that others have the same tolerance that we do and accidentally hurt them, or vice versa like my girls sometimes are amazed when I actually reach for hot pads while cooking.  So likewise sometimes because a person may have a higher tolerance level, others can become less caring because they don’t think what is being done or requested matters.

I have over time become more aware about the fact that I seem to have a higher level of tolerance in many areas of life and I can’t assume the same about others.  Also, sometimes just because someone does not seem to show signs of wear and tear it is no reason to assume that all is well.  Like I said, I still do reach for that hot pad from time to time, even if I know there’s little chance I’ll end up with a blister from handling the hot stuff.

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