Buzzing Trumpet Mouthpiece

Since the boys are now taking trumpet lessons, I decided to ask their teacher to help me get started.  I had messed around with the trumpet some to encourage the boys to get started and then I stopped.  Any way, I was able to sort of play it.  But trying to buzz a melody through the mouthpiece seemed like an impossible task.  I was told to just relax and have fun with it… and yes, often adults have a lot more problems with it than kids.

Today when I picked up the mouthpiece, I tried to not over think the process and just messed with it.  Before I knew what was happening, I started thinking of it more like a kazoo and bingo!  I got it.  Yes, it’s not pretty and I can’t go that high yet, but I got the basics.

I think as adults we sometimes do put limitations on ourselves and handcuff ourselves to our preconceptions of how we should act and we worry about doing the “right” thing so people would look favorably on us.  I’d like to think that part of me is still rather childlike (hopefully not childish) and can be awed by the wonders around me.  So off I go to look and sound silly as I buzz through the house and not worry about “doing the right thing” and just experience the freedom to explore (responsibly of course).

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