Annoying Webpage Ads

Have you ever been annoyed by all those ads on some people’s webpages?  I am not opposed to ads as they do supports some great materials to be available online.  Even things like on YouTube where you need to watch certain amount of ads before getting to the content of interest, yes they get annoying but I think of them in terms of TV ads so you are receiving the benefit of the content through the support of the companies (although, not having the same ones keep coming up would be great and being able to tailor the ads of choice would be great, but I’m not complaining).

The ones that I really mind are the ones on the website that are almost virus like.  It gets in the way of seeing the content you want and so many things pops up left and right and right over the content that you want and sometimes due to slow connection, the ads are taking up so much bandwidth that the information you were looking for is no longer of interest and you are just desperately trying to extricate yourself from the tangle of ads and popups.  There are also pages that have so many ads that you wonder where the real contents are.  You can’t get through three sentences without being confronted with an ad.  I hope that people who do that realize that they are actually discouraging people from going to their site.

Today, I was trying to print a page from my phone and the print preview just kept having ads show up so I finally quit.  I would have put a link to the page, but decided that I do not want anyone else to suffer the same fate as I did.

So if you are planning on placing ads on your site.  Please preview them to make sure that they are not unambitious and virus like in their behavior.

Okay, that’s my rant for the day.  Hope you have a great and frustration free day.

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