A Heart to Serve Others

I hear much about volunteering and many of the kids’ activities such as scouting also ask their members to put in a minimum number of volunteer hours. But the ironic things is that while often kids are fulfilling their volunteer hours often their attitudes remain selfish. I’ve had times where the volunteers did more harm than good to the projects. Some of the volunteers were only interested in wearing the feather and telling others what to do.

The sad thing is that those who were there for themselves often walk away less happy than those who were there to serve. In fact there are studies that show people who are more altruistic are happier.

I don’t know how best to teach such a heart to serve. But for my kids, the thing I’ve done is modeling it in my life and taking my kids along side when serving including many behind the scene things that others don’t notice. If anything, it has helped develop some level of work ethic and a sense of others, and a deeper relationship with my kids.

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