UFC Cormier vs Jones

We got together with friends on Saturday to watch the UFC fight between Cormier and Jones.  I don’t care about the nastiness of the build up but often times that’s entertainment and you are not really sure what the person is like in real life.  I am by no means a defender of Jon Jones especially with his messed up life, in fact leading up to the fight we were wondering if he can stay out of trouble.  But several of my friends have met him in person in casual settings and each have said that he seems like a nice guy.  Unfortunately it is often difficult dealing with being in the spotlight and people often do dumb things.  Again, not excusing his actions, but honestly most us would never find out what we would have done if we were in his place.

I wasn’t really rooting for either.  It was a good and clean fight.  It did look like Cormier was rather cocky taunting Jones on several occassions.  It was a sad scene to see Cormier just walking away from the ref just before Jones was declared the winner.  If there was unsportsmanlike conduct that would have been it.  I realize that it’s hard to have such rivalry, prep for so long, feel like you are doing well and perhaps even winning and then being knocked out, but it was also sad to see that kind of attitude.  But I think what got me was what Jones said and did afterwards.  He thanked all his supporters and all his detractors and also complemented Cormier for who he is as a person.  That is class that I did not expect from most UFC fighters especially with the hype leading up to the fight.  I hope this is a new Jon Jones who’s learned his lessons and ready to move on with a better life.

I couldn’t believe that they ended up interviewing Cormier as well after talking with Jones.  Cormier was crying.  I know the fight was very disappointing to him and the loss very hard to accept but I almost sense that the tears were not just for the loss but perhaps for regret of his disdain  for Jones.  Maybe I’m just an optimist that Cormier too learned a life lesson about misjudging others.

I sure hope that Jones has won Cormier’s opinion of him, not just as a fighter, but as a person.  But it really was a reminder of doing good to those who hate you and not hating them back.  Even your arch rival that perhaps you can win their hearts over by your good attitudes towards them.

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