Literally score with my Silhouette Portrait.  It not only cuts but also scores.

As I was trying out the Noah’s Ark paper frame for VBS, I realized that it’ll take the kids too long to cut and score the paper but cutting and scoring for 50 sets was not an appealing process.  But that’s what machines are for right?  Up to this point, I’ve only used my Silhouette Portrait for vinyl but it does a great job with card stock too.  So I see many more things done with the Silhouette cutting machine in the near future.  Meanwhile I’m pinning like crazy paper craft ideas.

Isn’t this true with stuff in our lives.  Sometimes we see a thing or even people for limited purposes when there’re so much more good to them.  Look around today at what you have and who you have around you.  Realize that there’s so much more to each and be thankful for all that you have.

That being said, I’m still regretting my choice of getting the Portrait instead of the Cameo.  I ‘need’ that 12″ cutting width!

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