Real Responsibilities

I’m a proponent of giving kids real responsibilities as soon as possible.  And when I’m evaluating what my kids should choose to do, I’m less concerned about what it’ll look line on a resume than what it will do to grow my kids.

One thing that I really appreciate about the Martial Arts school that we train at is that opportunities exists to teach for people (even kids) with higher belts.  In fact when I first started in a class that consisted of all parents, the three main assistants were teenagers.  Their confidence and poise were amazing.  My girls are now both teaching as well.  In fact one of the class is run entirely by teenagers.  There has been several special needs kids in that class.  It was so great that my daughter got a complement for her patience from the mom of one of the girl with special needs.  I’ve seen my girls develop their people skills, leadership skills, patience and many other important life skills through their volunteering time with teaching.

Give the kids real responsibilities and watch them flourish.  If you get a chance to check out Do Hard Things, or This Changes Everything.  Kids need real challenges and real responsibilities.



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