Be Ready

It seems like our kids with some of their friends are often putting on martial arts demos.  They did one for the homeschool showcase and then one for the Asia Pacific Day.  Thursday they put together and practiced couple of hours for a demo for today.  Master Kim is rather an artist so he doesn’t like to do the same one over.  Also, each time the mix of the kids changes.

I’m always amazed at what Master Kim can put together last minute with these kids and make them look amazing.  The trick is that they have already honed their skill set and have a number of set forms that they can pull from.  So the demos can be just snippets taken from here and there and then some demonstrations of their skill set.

Sometimes people would comment after the demos and ask how long it took the kids to put together the demo.  I’m almost embarrassed to tell the truth, so usually just comment about yes, these kids are amazing.

But I think the thing to take away from them is that they do practice their skills and forms regularly.  They stay sharp and know the basics inside out.  They also work together regularly with other students so the whole school can more or less function as a team.  So when called on to be a team, the basics are already there.

For Christians, this is such an important lesson to learn.  We need to stay sharp and in training always.  Know our basics inside and out.  And be ready in season and out of season.  Also it’s so important to learn to work together regularly as a team so that when there’s a need in the church in our communities that we can truly respond as a body and that people would sit up and take notice.


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