Noah’s Ark Craft

I’m always surprised at how things in life can coincide.  I’ve been looking at an easy way to generate templates for making paper frames of various sizes and more or less got part of it to where I want it, I was tasked to get another Noah’s Ark craft together.  I don’t like doing the same craft from one year to the next.  Anyway, here’s one that I came up with.  This is just a picture of proof of concept so I didn’t spend any time coloring the pieces.

And here’s the pdf file with the images.




  1. Cut out all the shapes.
  2. Score along the dotted lines.
  3. Color the shapes.
  4. Lay the frame rectangle horizontally and color the lower half inside the frame as ground and upper half as sky.
  5. If you want to color the frame itself, flip the paper over.
  6. Fold along the dotted lines so the lines are all hidden.
  7. Tuck the corners of the frame into each other.
  8. Fold the small rectangles accordion style.
  9. Glue two of the accordions to the back of the ark and one to the back of the large cloud to give dimension.
  10. Glue the pieces to the frame per picture.

Animal stickers can be used instead of the ones provided.  Also, if you don’t care to use the accordion pieces to provide dimension, foam mounting tape would do just fine as a substitute.  Also, I’ve thought about just sticking some Easter grass into the bottom of the picture before gluing in the ark.  That would be kind of cute.

I will see about eventually posting the instructions as a video.  In the mean time, I hope the brief instruction is sufficient.  Enjoy

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