UpNaaman Twist pop up card

It’s VBS craft time.  Today I made  a prototype for the craft for the Naaman lesson.  I based it off the twist pop-up cards.  There are lots of tutorials online if there’s some confusion as to what needs to be done.  I’ll include my template for the card.

Naaman in water with leprosy spots.
Open the bottom flap, and Naaman is clean.
Open the top part of the card and it’s a cross.

Okay, this look quite primitive, but as I mentioned, this is just a prototype for test of concept.  Hope this is something that you can use.

Here are the instructions:

Materials needed:
3 pieces of card stock (double sided printing needed)
1 sheet protector cut to 3-1/2″ x 4″
glue stick
double stick tape
1 red permanent marker
markers or stickers to finish decorating the card

1. Print the template onto the card stock, makes sure that the back of the person is blank.
2. Fold along the dotted lines as directed (valley/mountain folds). I usually like to score the paper first and the easiest way is just to trace the lines using a straight edge. This helps a lot with the actual folding process.
3. Take the piece with the word “glue” on it and fold it according to direction and it should look like this when you are done.

4. Put glue on the triangle parts and center it on the card. The side should line up and the tip of the triangle should be at the fold line. Close the card to finish gluing.
5. Open the card and put glue in the squares that says glue.
6. Lay the word strip “Nothing but the blood of Jesus” over the the glue parts and affix.
7. Close the card.
8. Cut the sheet protector apart to get a 3-1/2″ x 4″ piece.
9. Align the piece of plastic with the top of the card.
10. Put a piece of double sided tape below the words “What can wash away my sin?”.
11. Close the bottom flap to affix the bottom flap to the plastic.
12. Put some red dots on the plastic piece over Naaman to show his leprosy.
13. I just drew in some blue waves for the water as a quick illustration (remember prototype only).  You could get really fancy with this part.  Color and decorate the card.

Download the template here.

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