Behavior differences

We got a really nice comment the other day about our kids, that their behavior is the same whether we are around or not.  I’m glad to have the confirmation of pretty much what I already suspected.  Of course you can argue if their behavior is always acceptable, but I’m glad that at least they are not hypocrites and we have the chance to address unacceptable behaviors and try to guide them accordingly.  Mark and I both work with kids in different capacities and I enjoy just playing and hanging around with the kids.  Unfortunately we often do see kids’ behaviors change in the presence of their parents and other adults (hum, guess I don’t quite count as an adult?).  And I know that some of the “good” kids don’t like me because they know that I don’t buy into their “good” behavior stuff and will call them out if necessary.

I think as a homeschool mom, because my kids are around me almost 24/7, it’s so important for them to be themselves and know that no topic is off limits so they can gain wisdom in trying to process everything under the sun.  Over time, I’ve learned to listen more before reacting and learning to tamper my reaction so as to not cut off the communication path.  I hope as my kids grow that they would remain “simple” and gain the freedom to just be themselves.

Are my kids perfect.  No way!  I’m not.  Do they still try to hide things from me?  You bet?  I still can be quite juvenile and try to hide somethings in my life too.  But we are working on this together and encouraging each other to greater maturity.

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